CS Jobs

Wellesley Computer Science majors and minors pursue technical professions all over the world.

A Sample of Where Our Recent Graduates have Gone in the Past Four Years

  • Program Manager, Big Machines, California
  • IT Dept., Credit Suisse, Toyko
  • Software developer, Greystone Solutions, Boston
  • Business Analyst, Lehman Brothers, NYC
  • IT Anyalyst, Morgan Stanley, NYC
  • Business Analyst, Lehman Brothers, NYC
  • Analyst, UBS Investment Bank, NYC
  • Software Engineer, Apple, Cupertino, CA
  • Associate Developer, Outcome Sciences, Cambridge, MA
  • Technical Associate, Citigroup-Private Bank, NYC
  • Programmer Analyst, MEDITECH, Norwood, MA
  • IS Project Manager, Wellesley College
  • Software Engineer, Google, Mountainview, CA
  • Software Engineer, Linedata Services, Boston
  • Microsoft as a Software Test Engineer
  • Working for Senator Jem Jefford's Office in DC
  • Deutsche Bank in NYC as a Technology Analyst
  • Working for a bank in Buffalo

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Congratulations and best wishes to the Class of 2015!




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The CS department welcomes two new faculty members, Ben Wood and Eni Mustafaraj and a new Lab Instructor, Susan Buck.

Stay tuned for CS student panels and presentations at the 2015 Ruhlman conference!


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