Graduate Programs

Some Wellesley Computer Science majors and minors pursue advanced degrees in computer science and related fields at graduate schools throughout the country.

Our graduates have continued their studies at such schools as Berkeley, Brown, Boston University, CMU, Dartmouth, MIT, Naval Postgraduate Institute, Tufts, UMASS Amherst, University of Indiana, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, and University of Wisconsin.

Students interested in graduate studies are encouraged to discuss their plans with Computer Science faculty members. Because of the central role that research plays in admission to and studies at graduate school, it is strongly recommended that students planning on graduate studies begin to undertake computer science research projects as early as possible in their undergraduate program.

Every other year, the Computer Science Department hosts a graduate school panel in which Wellesley alums who have continued on to graduate school report on their experiences and give advice.

For more information on applying to graduate schools UMBC has an informative site.

A Sample of Where Our Recent Graduates have Gone in the Past Four Years

  • MS/Ph.D in CS, University of Maryland
  • Ph.D Cornell University, New York
  • MS/Ph.D in CS, Johns Hopkins, Baltimore
  • MS/Ph.D in Math, Northern Illinois University
  • MS in Security Management, Johns Hopkins University
  • MS Interior Design, Boston Architectural Center
  • Masters, Security Informatics, John Hopkins
  • MA Secondary Education, Columbia Teachers College
  • Ph.D. Computer Science, UC Davis
  • Graduate School in Astrophysics
  • MA in CS/University of Wisconsin - Madison.
  • Ph.D. Program in CS/Darmouth College
  • MS Program in Management Science and Engineering, Stanford
  • Ph.D. Program in CS/Boston University

What's Up?



Wellesley seniors just pranked the school. Check out the CS Department!



Now offering new courses "Computing and Life" (CS249) and "Quantifying Data Privacy" (CS349) this semester!


MIT's App Inventor 2 launched last week, with 9 Wellesley students contributing to its improvements this past semester in MIT 6.s198 and in research projects.


This fall, Wellesley students participated in the Grace Hopper Conference, ICPC Programming Contest, and the Capture the Flag contest.


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