The department arranges speakers throughout the school year to present topics in computer science which are accessible and interesting, but not likely to be covered in regular courses. Speakers are advised to aim their talk at students, and these talks are a good way to widen one's knowledge and awareness of computer science. Refreshments are served, and there is an opportunity to chat with the speaker, with faculty members, and other students before or after the talk. The time and day of the week vary, so students should watch for announcements which usually appear a couple weeks in advance in Science Center fliers, the CS-Faculty Google Group and CS-Students Google Group, and through in-class announcements. Contact our Colloquia Chair, Stella Kakavouli (skakavouat for more information and stay tuned for event dates.


Computer Science Senior Seminar Series is held throughout the school year. In the seminar, students have the opportunity to explore topics of interest through reading and discussion, field trips, invited speakers, independent research projects, or software development projects. Seminars will be announced on the CS-Faculty and CS-Students Google Groups and through in-class announcements. Participation in this seminar is required of all computer science majors. Please contact Prof. Ellen Hildreth (ehildreth(at) for more information about the senior seminars.

What's Up?



Welcome to a new year of CS! Join the CS Students Google group for posts about CS events and opportunities!




The CS department welcomes two new faculty members, Ben Wood and Eni Mustafaraj and a new Lab Instructor, Susan Buck.

Stay tuned for CS student panels and presentations at Tanner on summer research and industry internship experiences!


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Department Chair 
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Administrative Assistant 
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