Darakhshan Mir

Darakhshan Mir

(781) 283-2881
Computer Science
B.Tech., National Institute of Technology (India); M.S., The George Washington University; Ph.D., Rutgers University

Darakhshan Mir
Norma Wilentz Hess Fellow in Computer Science

Engaged in research on data privacy: specifically, examining the meaning and deployment of formal notions of privacy to sensitive data analyses. 

My research is focused on questions of how to quantify and preserve the privacy of individuals when their data is used for scientific, research or commercial purposes.

Extensive discussions on the tension between use of individuals' data and their privacy are now ubiquitous. What is the right notion of privacy? How can one guarantee that the "use" of data in a specific setting does not violate an individual's privacy? How much information about an individual is "leaked" from use of data that includes him/her?

These are the questions that interest me. Specifically, I work with a formal notion of privacy called differential privacy and examine its application to various problem domains, studying the tradeoff between privacy and use of data in a specific context. I am also interested in information theoretic foundations of data privacy.

And finally, in the near future, I hope to examine the meaning of differential privacy from a sociological perspective.

I would love to talk to students from a wide variety of perspectives who are interested in questions of data privacy.

I have a diverse set of teaching interests: I like teaching courses that students with varied backgrounds can engage with and relate to. Currently, I am teaching CS110. In the future, I hope to teach an upper-level class on data privacy. In the past, I have taught college and K-12 students.

I have a very strong interest in outreach. I have volunteered to teach middle school students in an after-school program. As a graduate student, I also led a group of undergraduate women in creating and planning lessons for an after-school program aimed at middle school students. I would love to get students involved in such community teaching projects.

I like hiking, running, reading poetry and knitting.