Eni Mustafaraj
(781) 283-3195
Computer Science
M.Eng., Polytechnic University of Tirana (Albania); Ph.D., Philipps-Universität Marburg (Germany)
Eni Mustafaraj
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Applies principles of artificial intelligence in social computing; studies how societal problems transfer onto computational platforms.

My first love is artificial intelligence (AI)  and fortunately I teach the AI course in the CS department. In my research, I wonder about questions such as: how can we write computer programs that can understand our human language? Can these programs read large amount of conversations happening in the social web and be able to make sense of them? Can these programs support us to answer questions such as: should I trust this piece of information, who else believes this particular source, and can I trust anonymous accounts? Because of the importance of such questions, the National Science Foundation is sponsoring our research at the Computer Science Department, and their generous grant allows us to support many undergraduate students, who are actively involved throughout the academic year, but even more so during the Science Center Summer Research Program. This is particularly important to me, since the number of women majoring in computer science is one of lowest in the STEM family, and involvement in research projects has shown to increase women participation in the field.

With the support of the Hess Fellowship, I have been able to teach two new courses in the past two years, CS249 Web Mashups and CS349A The Intelligent Web. Furthermore, the fellowship allows me to involve students in projects that benefit the Wellesley College. For example, they developed a prototype for a course recommender system to be adopted by the Registrar Office, and in the Summer of 2012 built innovative technology for the incoming students of Class of 2016.

Being a computer scientists means that there are always so many new things to learn about and never enough time for that. Nevertheless, I love to take a break by walking around in our beautiful campus with my family.

Visit my web site for information about my teaching and research.