Eni Mustafaraj

Eni Mustafaraj
(781) 283-3195
Computer Science
M.Eng., Polytechnic University of Tirana (Albania); Ph.D., Philipps-Universität Marburg (Germany)

Eni Mustafaraj

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Loves data and data science.

I am a data scientist who studies socio-technical systems. I try to convert traces that users generate while interacting with these systems into meaningful insights. Then, such insights can be used to improve existing systems or build new ones to better serve user needs. During 2008-2014, I collaborated with Prof. Takis Metaxas, Samantha Finn ‘12 and a large number of Wellesley students in studying how rumors or other kinds of information spread in social networks like Twitter. Our research led to the creation of TwitterTrails, an online tool for reporters and everyone else interested in the origin and spread of false or true information. Since 2014, I’ve been studying socio-technical systems that enable online learning at a large scale. Currently, I’m collaborating with Prof. Franklyn Turbak and Maja Svanberg ‘18 in understanding how people learn to program in the MIT App Inventor online platform, which has millions of users. We are using data analysis, visualization, and machine learning to model learners and their learning.

I love the Python programming language and I teach CS111 Computer Programming and Problem Solving. I also teach two data science related courses: CS 249 Data, Analytics, and Visualization and CS 315 Data and Text Mining on the Web. I aspire to get more women of all races and ethnicities involved in  computer science, so that they can shape a more just and equal technological future for our societies.

I have two young children and our current family project is to read all Harry Potter novels.

Visit my website for more information on my research and teaching.