Orit Shaer

Orit Shaeroshaer@wellesley.edu
(781) 283-3093
Computer Science
B.A., Academic College of Tel-Aviv; M.S., Ph.D., Tufts University

Orit Shaer

Class of 1966 Associate Professor of Computer Science

Explores new human-computer interaction techniques that provide seamless interfaces between people, computers, and the physical world.

Emerging interaction styles such as tangible computing, gesture-based interfaces, and virtual reality extend beyond the desktop paradigm and offer a more natural, intuitive, and accessible form of interaction. With a broad range of application-domains, including scientific visualization, energy management, and education, these interfaces show a potential to significantly enhance the way people interact and leverage digital information. Through my research I seek to contribute to these next generation interfaces by developing frameworks, software tools, and specification techniques that aid their design, implementation, and evaluation. In addition I am investigating the benefits of next-generation interfaces by building interactive systems that utilize emerging interaction styles.

I am teaching Introduction to Computer Programming and Problem Solving (for majors) as well as Computer Science and the Internet (introduction for non-majors). I am also teaching an intermediate level course on human-computer interaction that focuses on mobile devices, and an advanced course on tangible user interfaces. I supervised several independent studies on topics that include the integration of Wii remotes to multimedia applications, a novel iPhone application for the Davis Museum, and a multi-touch tabletop user interface for bioinformatics applications.

At Wellesley, I serve on the International Board of Admissions. I also serve as a program co-chair of TEI 2010, the ACM international conference on tangible and embedded interaction. Recently I served as a guest editor of a special journal issue of Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction, called User Interface Description Languages for Next Generation User Interfaces.

I enjoy traveling. I scaled Mt. Kilimanjaro, and scuba dived in the Red Sea. These days I enjoy spending time with my boys Ben and Daniel, and rediscovering the wonders of this world through their eyes.

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