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Getting Involved with CS: @ Wellesley

Research Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

             Independent Study              Tutoring 
             Independent Research with Faculty              Research Assistantship
             Summer Research              SysAdmin 

             Tanner & Ruhlman Conferences

             Web Assistants 


Getting Involved with CS: Outside of Wellesley

             Undergraduate (REU) Programs

             Internship Experiences

             MIT UROP

             Women in CS
             Study Abroad Programs  



Getting Involved with CS: Online - Wellesley's CS Student Groups

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             Wellesley Women in Computer Science               LinkedIn Group
             CS Technical Interview Practice Group               CS-Math Movie Night Group


Fun Events with the CS Department!

What's Up?



Wellesley seniors just pranked the school. Check out the CS Department!



Now offering new courses "Computing and Life" (CS249) and "Quantifying Data Privacy" (CS349) this semester!


MIT's App Inventor 2 launched last week, with 9 Wellesley students contributing to its improvements this past semester in MIT 6.s198 and in research projects.


This fall, Wellesley students participated in the Grace Hopper Conference, ICPC Programming Contest, and the Capture the Flag contest.


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Department Chair 
Tel: 781.283.3025


Rita Purcell
Administrative Assistant 
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