Students interested in tutoring a CS course:

Students who have successfully completed and enjoyed a CS course are eligible for tutoring in the CS department. Tutors are selected by and work closely with the CS faculty. Tutor responsibilities may include holding evening drop-in hours in the Science Center, grading assignments, assisting a lab instructor during a hands-on CS laboratory, virtual tutoring (responding to student questions on a Sakai or Google Groups CS course conference), and/or tutoring a CS student one-on-one. Tutors are encouraged to attend training at the Pfortzheimer Learning and Teaching Center (PLTC), and to attend the weekly staff meetings of the CS course they are tutoring. Tutors are paid an hourly rate, currently $8.00, and receive small raises with each additional semester of experience. Interested students should fill out this form.

Students in need of an individual CS tutor:

Students needing individual help on an extended basis may request individual tutoring, which is coordinated through the Pfortzheimer Learning and Teaching Center. If you would like an individual CS tutor for a particular course, you can pick up a Tutor Request form at the PLTC or fill out the online form. Then, depending on availability, the PLTC will assign you a one-on-one tutor. Each student is eligible for four one-hour sessions, at no charge to the tutee, during a semester.

CS faculty in need of a tutor:

Contact Sohie Lee (slee@wellesley.edu) with course information and tutor responsibilities.

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The CS department welcomes two new faculty members, Ben Wood and Eni Mustafaraj and a new Lab Instructor, Susan Buck.

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