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College to Career Initiative - We are hiring!

A Wellesley education has a tangible, lasting effect on women and, therefore, the world. This phenomenon is known as the Wellesley Effect. In October 2015, Wellesley College President H. Kim Bottomly announced the launch of a $500 million campaign designed to celebrate, strengthen and advance the Wellesley Effect. “The campaign represents our unwavering commitment to Wellesley’s mission and it also represents the strongest possible endorsement of a liberal arts education and its power to prepare our students for any calling that inspires them.” 

As part of this campaign, the College-to-Career initiative is about creating greater opportunity for women in the 21st century and empowering the next generation of women leaders to make a difference in the world. We will achieve this by designing a career education model for the liberal arts that focuses on connections and communities. Our students will proactively explore the intersection between self and society, engage and test their curiosities, and make meaningful connections within newly formed career communities that cover a broad array of industries and career fields. 

Our reorganized model will consist of 4 broad teams, each encompassing multiple functional areas. Each team is meant to guide and support our students / alumnae through the lifecycle of their career development. Our Exploration & Experiential Learning Team will work with students to fully explore the intersection between self and society. Our Connections and Communities Team will create diverse networks of support for our women based on their career interests and identities. Our Strategic Partnerships Team will advance women's education and leadership in the world through intentional partnerships - both domestic and international. And our Operations and Analytics Team will provide the infrastructure and insight to best tell the success stories of our students and graduates. With this in mind, we are launching into the first phase of our plans and will be hiring several new positions in the coming months.