Writing the Closing Paragraph

Conclude your letter with a brief paragraph that:

  • Expresses your interest in discussing the position, and indicates the next step. An assertive closing is recommended; for example, “I will call you next week to follow up.”If the job posting states explicitly that phone calls will not be accepted, or if you are writing a cover letter to accompany a resume for on-campus recruiting, an assertive closing is not necessary.
  • Provides your contact information (email address and phone number) in case your cover letter gets separated from your resume. If your full contact information is already on the cover letter (for example, if it is included in the header) it is not necessary to repeat that information at the end of the letter.
  • Thank the employer for considering your application.

Sample closing paragraph:

The Save America’s Treasures fellowship presents an exciting opportunity for me to further develop my research interests while also contributing in a number of ways to the continued relevance and growth of Orchard House’s work. I will follow up with you in the next two weeks to discuss my qualifications further, and can be reached in the meantime at (781) 123-4567 or ecraige@wellesley.edu. Thank you for your consideration.