Finalizing and Sending Your Cover Letter

Keep the following in mind as you prepare to complete and send your cover letter:

  • Read your letter aloud to ensure that it sounds professional without being stiff, is clear and concise, and uses strong action verbs. Have someone else proofread your letter for errors and to verify that its message is clear.
  • Always follow the company’s directions for submitting your resume and cover letter. Failure to do so will likely result in your application being dismissed outright.
  • When emailing an application, it is generally preferable to attach both your resume and cover letter to the email and keep the email itself brief. (For example, your email might simply state “I am writing to apply for the [name of position] and have attached my resume and cover letter. Please let me know if you have any trouble with the attachments. Thank you for your consideration”). Save your documents as PDFs, if possible, to ensure that your formatting is maintained. Include your name in the file name (e.g., “Emiline Craige cover letter”).
  • If sending a hard copy, use 8½ x 11 high quality bond paper with a matching envelope. The stationery should match that of your resume.
  • Remember to follow up if you said you would, and within the time frame you indicated.

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