Mock Interviews

Successful interviewing requires preparation and practice.

After you do your research, it is helpful to practice answering questions so that during the actual interview, you can remain focused on connecting with the interviewer. See the Interview Questions section for commonly asked questions.

The most effective way to practice is to say the answers out loud; rehearsing in your head does not count as practice. You can read the questions to yourself and answer them aloud, you can create flash cards with questions and practice with a group of friends, or you can arrange for a mock interview.


A mock interview is structured like an actual interview so you need to be properly dressed and fully prepared. Bring a copy of your resume, and the job description if there is a specific position for which you would like to apply. Even for a phone mock interview, you should dress professionally and sit at a desk, as this helps to project a professional attitude and tone of voice. The usual format of a traditional 30 minute mock interview is 15-20 minutes of questions and 10-15 minutes of review.

Arranging for a mock interview

On-campus mock interviews tend to focus on general interview skills.

  • A student can schedule a mock interview with a CWS counselor at any time throughout the year through MyCWS. Read the Mock Interview instructions for steps that must be completed 48 hours before the scheduled mock interview.
  • Once each semester, the CWS brings in local alumnae as volunteers to provide mock interviews. Check the CWS calendar in MyCWS and flyers for dates.

Off-campus or field-specific mock interviews: CWS W Network Etiquette

Many alumnae in the W Network have volunteered to provide mock interviews. Search for them by highlighting "Mock interviews" under "Areas of Involvement" in the "Networking Preferences" section. Contact them directly (in accordance with CWS W Network Etiquette) to arrange for the mock interview.

Mock Interview Resources:

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Guidelines for Alumnae Mock Interviewers
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CWS W Network Etiquette