Second Interviews

If the first interview went well, you may be asked to return to the company for more extensive interviews. The first interview has confirmed that you may be a good match for the job and the organization; the second is designed to probe more deeply into your skills and interests, and to allow others in the organization to meet and evaluate you. If your initial interview has been off-site, the second interview will give you a chance to observe what the company environment is like and to meet the people with whom you would be working. Many of the points already made about first interviews apply equally to second interviews, but there are some significant differences and highlights:

  • Prepare for the meeting by reviewing your information on the company. If there are Wellesley College alumnae in the company, call them for tips.
  • In almost all cases, the company pays expenses for second on-site interviews , although specific arrangements differ. Some companies will make travel and hotel arrangements for you, with the bills sent directly to the company. Others may want you to make the arrangements and submit receipts for reimbursement. Reimbursable expenses include travel (including transportation to and from airports), hotel accommodations (call the company's personnel department for suggestions), meals, and tips (bellhops, cabs). It is not wise to include personal expenses on your expense account, such as calls to your parents or friends, or room service. If you are seeing two companies on the same trip, notify each company so they can share your expenses.
  • Plan details ahead of time. Arrange transportation to the airport, determine your luggage needs, go to the bank, etc.
  • Be prepared for a long day. Second interviews usually involve meetings with many people, and the day can last from one to six hours. It is vital to maintain your energy and enthusiasm -- not an easy task when you are on your fourth interview.
  • Ask questions. This is your chance to decide if the job, the people, and the environment are what you want. Have several questions ready because some may be covered during your interview.