Before you start writing your resume,
brainstorm all the work, volunteer, and extra
curricular experiences you’ve had.

Make a list of:

  • jobs and employment of all types (salaried, grant-funded, unpaid, summer, temporary, part-time, etc.).
  • internships and training programs with companies, organizations, or schools.
  • college courses, training seminars, or academic conferences.
  • professional associations, societies, awards, grants, and fellowships.
  • volunteer or community service experiences.
  • experiences leading religious, political, or other interest groups.
  • campus activities such as participation in sports teams, musical ensembles, and cultural/ethnic groups.
  • contribution(s) to publications.
  • computer skills.
  • international language abilities.
  • relevant international travel.
  • hobbies that are related to your career field.
  • unusual or unique experiences that may catch the reader's eye.