Revising and Targeting Your Resume

Once you’ve settled on your basic strategy, content, and format, go back through your resume to sharpen
your language and target your experience as
much as possible.

Consider the following:

  • Be specific, and quantify your experiences whenever you can. For example, instead of writing that you “maintained files,” write that you “maintained files for 1,000 employees”; instead of noting that you “wrote communications materials,” state that you “wrote five to seven letters and reports each week for major donors.”
  • Use industry-specific language that will demonstrate your knowledge of the field you wish to enter. You might also consider using some of the same action verbs from the job description in your resume.
  • Emphasize the positive, especially when a particular position wasn’t a great experience. Concentrate on the positive aspects of each job in terms of the skills you developed, the knowledge you gained about the field or your career goals, and the challenges you overcame.