Job Searching After 50

This section of the CWS website is focused on resources and suggestions to assist those over fifty with career development and transitions.

We hope that the following information will help you make the most of your skills and experience.  You are welcome to make a phone or in-person appointment via MyCWS.

Special considerations

Resumes:  Make sure that your resume is updated with a skills summary or summary of qualifications that highlights your unique capabilities.   Check to see that you are not using outdated terminology and that you are including updated industry language.  If possible, show that you have updated skills in your industry and current technology skills in general.

Networking:  Network with people younger than you are to learn about technology and about new ways of operating in the workplace.  Talking with younger neighbors, grandchildren, and young alumni of your alma mater will make you comfortable with co-workers and interviewers of all ages. Create a complete Linkedin profile and learn how to use it effectively. 

Interviews: Make sure that your interview attire and attitude are both current.   Be confident about your life experience and open to working with colleagues of all ages.   Try not to use references such as “back in my day” and similar phrases.  Express excitement about matching your skills to the position and enthusiasm about continued learning.

Below is a sampling of websites that focus on workers over age fifty.   Resources are being developed, changed, and updated all the time, so please use this as a starting point rather than a comprehensive listing.

  •    A website devoted to supporting boomers who wish to combine personal fulfillment, social impact, and continued income, so they can put their passion to work for the greater good.  Includes job listings and links to other job listing sites.
  •  Free to job seekers, this site seeks to identify and qualify companies most suited to older workers.  Includes job listings and articles of interest.
  •   A professional services firm specializing in accomplished professionals, all of whom have more that 25 years of experience.
  •  Contains “work and retirement” section with helpful articles on finding a job, life at work, and re-careering.
  •  Job listings and resources for career transitions for those over 50.

Books/Additional resources

Portfolio Life, by Dave Corbett
The Big Shift, by Marc Freedman
The Third Chapter:  Passion, Risk, and Adventure in the 25 years after 50, by Sarah Lawrence Lightfoot

Also see Re-Entering the Workplace After Time Away.