Resume Drop

The resume drop (or referral) option in the on-campus recruiting program enables companies to advertise their information to a large number of students and to gauge student interest.

After reviewing the resumes, many companies decide to come on campus to recruit and interview students.

To request a resume drop:

  1. Log into your MyCWS Employer account.
  2. If you don't have a MyCWS account, click on the link to register.
  3. Mouse over “On-Campus Recruiting” and click “New On-Campus Interview Request”. If the "On-Campus Recruiting" option is not available, please make sure to update your company profile to indicate interest in On-Campus Recruiting to enable the menu.
  4. Select "Resume Collection" for "Schedule Type."
  5. Fill in all required fields and information and submit the request.

Once the request is received, the on-campus recruiting team would reach out and work with you on the details of  request. Please allow time for processing.