Posting Job, Internship, Fellowship, or Service Opportunities

Wellesley College encourages companies and organizations from a wide range of industries to post career opportunities through MyCWS, our online database. This database is accessible to both students and alumnae and thus allows employers to advertise to a large, well-qualified pool of candidates. There is no fee for posting. Last year, employers posted more than 1,700 opportunities. All participating companies and organizations are expected to abide by Wellesley College’s Employer Policies.

* Note: Positions posted to MyCWS should enable students and alumnae to build skills and gain experience in a professional career track. Individuals seeking private childcare or tutors should post instead to

Job Posting Instructions
Create a MyCWS Employer Account:

  1. Go to MyCWS and select “Click here to register!”
  2. The system will ask you to “Find Your Organization.” Type in your organization to make sure no one else has already registered your company.
  3. Select either “Can’t Find Your Organization” or “Continue” to complete the registration form.

Once CWS has approved your company’s information, you’ll be able to post jobs. Please allow two business days for processing.

To post a job:

  1. Log into your MyCWS Employer account.
  2. If you don't have a MyCWS account, click on the link to register.
  3. Mouse over “Opportunities” and click “New Opportunities.”
  4. Fill in all fields and click “Save.”

Once CWS has approved your posting, it will become available to Wellesley College students and alumnae. Please allow two business days for processing.

Third-Party Recruiters
We consider a third-party recruiter an agency that represents a candidate or an employer client, and is not the principal employing organization. Third-party recruiters are required to pay an annual fee of $300 for unlimited postings on MyCWS. Exceptions will be made only for teaching agencies. For job posting instructions, please contact For other guidelines governing third-party recruiters, click here .