Business School

An MBA is a Master of Business Administration degree, granted after one to two years of graduate-level study that provides training in the theory and practice of business management.

Wellesley students from all majors can apply to MBA programs throughout the world. MBA coursework teaches students essential skills for the corporate, not-for-profit, and government sectors by focusing on both the technical (e.g., finance and economics) and personal (e.g., leadership and management) abilities. As long as you know how an MBA degree can fit into your long-term goals, it can be very beneficial to your career at any stage of your life. 

Why an MBA?

  • To gain management skills
  • To transition your career to a new industry or function
  • To progress to a higher responsibility in the same industry or function
  • To increase your earning potential (MBA graduates make $95-100K on average in the corporate world, which includes everyone from people working on manufacturing floors to private equity)
  • To prepare yourself to start your own business or work in a start-up environment
  • To meet the expectations of a current employer who has offered to fund your MBA

Center for Work and Service can assist Wellesley students and alumnae who are interested in business school (i.e. MBA) through the application process. We advise student and alumnae to make an appointment with a counselor, via MyCWS. We also recommend that you work with faculty and contact MBA graduates through the Wellesley Alumnae with MBAs shared interest group offered by the Alumnae Association.