Women in Government Grants

Through the generosity of the Class of 1962 and the O’Meara family, students may apply for funding to support work with a female elected official at the local, state, or national level. The student must be working directly with a woman involved in any aspect of state or local government in the United States. The grant enables the student to take an unpaid internship and learn more about state or local government and the important role that women play in the governmental process. Students may not use the funding for work on election campaigns.

Application Instructions

For your application, please submit the following to the MyCWS schedule:
- 1 page resume
- 1000 word essay (uploaded to writing sample section)
- unofficial transcript from BANNER                                                                                                                                                                 - electronic supplemental form (link located in the application instructions section in the appropriate schedule)

Essay Instructions

1000 word essay should address: (note: NOT a letter format)
- Describe your professional/personal/academic goals and demonstrate that an internship at one of these organizations will advance them.
- Link the mission and programs of each organization to your professional goals.
- Explain the common theme that makes the group of organizations a good fit for your long-term professional/personal/academic aspirations.
- Describe your prior experiences and the attributes that will make you successful in your internship placement.
- Explain how you will share the knowledge and experiences you gain from your internship with the Wellesley community, both within and beyond the classroom.


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