Internship Fund for Jewish Studies

The Sherley Heidenberg Koteen ’40 Endowed
Internship Fund for Jewish Studies

This fund provides support for either international or United States internships that encourage students to examine the many facets of Jewish civilization through interdisciplinary study of Jewish religion, history, philosophy, art, literature, social and political institutions and cultural patterns.

Application Instructions

1. Complete and submit the required Supplemental Form via the following link:
(Please note: You must be logged in with your Wellesley ID to access form)

2. Register with MyCWS and upload the following application materials to the MyCWS Schedule No. 1640.

3. Upload your Resume and Transcript (.pdf format) on MyCWS My Documents.

5. Upload your Cover Letter addressed to CWS Selection Committee. Please include your response to EACH of the following prompts in your one page cover letter:
a. Explain the common theme that makes the group of organizations a good fit for your long-term professional/personal/academic aspirations.
b. Describe your prior experiences and the attributes that will make you successful in your internship placement.
c. Explain how/what you hope to contribute to the organizations.

Deadline: March 1, 2016 at NOON EST.

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