Department of Religion Summer Internship

Department of Religion Severinghaus
Summer Internship Program in
Ministry/Human Services

The Severinghaus Summer Internship Program supports students who wish to pursue internships in ministry or human services, and/or to undertake the study of religion and the role of religion in society. Students may engage in hands-on work or research through positions with humanitarian or social action agencies, charitable or religious organizations, or policy-based institutes. Applications are reviewed by a Department of Religion committee. Applicants must be currently enrolled Wellesley first years, sophomores or juniors in good academic standing.

Application Instructions

For your application, please submit the following to the  MyCWS  schedule:
- 1 page resume
- 1000 word essay (uploaded to writing sample section)
- unofficial transcript from BANNER                                                                                                                                                                 - electronic supplemental form (link located in the application instructions section in the appropriate schedule)

Essay Instructions

1000 word essay should address: (note: NOT a letter format)
- Describe your professional/personal/academic goals and demonstrate that an internship at one of these organizations will advance them.
- Link the mission and programs of each organization to your professional goals.
- Explain the common theme that makes the group of organizations a good fit for your long-term professional/personal/academic aspirations.
- Describe your prior experiences and the attributes that will make you successful in your internship placement.
- Explain how you will share the knowledge and experiences you gain from your internship with the Wellesley community, both within and beyond the classroom.


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