Internships for Credit

What to do if an internship site requires course credit

Some organizations ask that students receive academic credit in lieu of monetary payment for internships. Wellesley College does not award academic credit for internships. Students should still apply for internships and the Center for Work and Service staff will assist you by supporting your application. The CWS can provide a no-credit letter explaining the College’s policy while promoting the value of an internship. While we cannot guarantee that the internship site will accept the letter, this institutional explanation may be an acceptable substitute.

If an organization will not waive the credit requirement, students may propose a 250 or 350 (Independent Study) course that will incorporate their experiences into an academic program. We encourage you to explore this option with your class dean, academic departments and major advisors to learn if your internship experience could serve as a foundation for a credit-bearing course.

Please note: there is increased scrutiny of for-profit businesses providing unpaid internships due to recent guidance under the Fair Labor Standards Act. If you’re unsure about what to do, please come to the CWS drop-in hours.