CWS Internship Programs (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

CWS Identified Summer Opportunities

Global Engagement Internships, Advanced Projects and Grants

Lumpkin Summer Institute for Service Learning



  • Identified Internships Applications: Each student may apply to no more than two (2) CWS funded internships or advanced projects per cycle. 
  • Grant Applications: When applying for a grant, you may list up to five (5) organizations where you will intern for at least 10-weeks (35 hours/week minimum).  Grant funding may be used for opportunities at nonprofit organizations, for profit, or government institutions/offices.
  • Multiple Awards: Each student is eligible to receive up to two (2) different awards for full-time internships from CWS-administered programs during their time at Wellesley (limit one per semester). However, priority is given to students who have not received funding before. Additionally – if you receive funding from the CWS and then are offered additional funding (either from another CWS program or an external source) – please inform the internships team immediately. If you are offered extra funding greater than $500 (USD), you will be asked to choose to forfeit your internship stipend or the other funding.
  • GPA: There is no GPA minimum to apply to the CWS Funded Summer Opportunities. However, all students must be in good academic standing.
  • Place of Residence: For CWS identified internships and advanced projects, placement preference will be given to students applying outside of their place of residency, i.e. United States citizens apply to sites outside of their home metropolitan areas, and international students applying outside of their home country.
  • Citizenship Requirement for U.S. placements: There is no citizenship restriction for internships in the United States. Both United States citizens and international students are eligible to apply for CWS internships or grants within the United States.
  • Class Year: Students are eligible to apply based on their current class standing with the Registrar/Banner. For example, if you are a first semester sophomore in the spring, you may apply to sophomore programs.
  • Study Abroad: Students studying abroad are eligible to apply for CWS identified summer opportunities. However - if pre-selected - applicants should be available to participate for interviews during regular business hours in Boston time (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST). Interviews typically last no longer than 30 minutes and can take place via video chat (Skype, Google Hangout) or phone.


Application Logistics

  • Selection Committee: The selection committee varies by organization and grant, but generally speaking, the committee consists of at least one of the following individuals CWS program director, Wellesley faculty, and/or a representative from the organization/grant. In organizations with alumnae connections, one or more alumnae may participate in the selection process.
  • Selection Timeline: For Internships/APs: If pre-selected, students may be notified by early February to schedule an interview; interviews may take place through the end of February/early March. Final offers for internships and advanced projects will be made by the end of February.  For Grants:  All grant offers are typically extended by Spring Break.
  • Required Documents: For Internships/APs and Service: Students must submit a resume, unofficial transcript, cover letter (Global Engagement) or short essays (Lumpkin), and supplemental form. If applying to two opportunities, students should write a separate cover letter for each opportunity; the individual to whom your cover letter should be addressed will be included in the application instructions for the internship on MyCWS. For detailed instructions on how to apply for the GE and Lumpkin programs, please visit MyCWS.
  • Cover Letters for Internships/APs: Students should submit a traditional cover letter if they are applying to a GE internship/AP opportunity. More information about writing cover letters can be found on our website here: Students are encouraged to make an advising appointment via MyCWS for additional support.
  • Cover Letter Format, for Grants: You must respond to the following three (3) essay prompts in a single document: a. Explain the common theme that makes the group of organizations a good fit for your long-term professional/personal/academic aspirations.; b. Describe your prior experiences and the attributes that will make you successful in your internship placement.; c. How/what do you hope to contribute to the organizations?  Please read the Application Instructions very carefully for each program description.
  • Transcripts: We accept unofficial transcripts for submission. You can create an unofficial transcript by visiting Banner, opening your transcript and either "Print to PDF" or "Save as PDF" (depending on your browser or operating system). Alternatively, you can also copy and paste your transcript into a Word Doc and save as a PDF. We recognize that Fall semester grades may not be available by the application deadline. Please upload the most recent unofficial transcript available at the time of application. You will be asked to upload your updated transcript to your documents on MyCWS as soon as they become available.
  • References: You will be asked to provide the name of a reference on your supplemental form, but you will not need to obtain a reference letter from that person to apply; we will contact them directly. We recommend using a Wellesley faculty member or supervisor as a reference. You may use faculty members even if they are on the selection committee for the internship or advanced project to which you are applying.
  • Ranking Multiple Opportunities: If applying to two (2) CWS funded internships/APs, you will be asked to rank your selections as first and second preference.  Please note: you may only apply for 2 GE Internships/APs or 1 GE internship and the Lumpkin program per application cycle.  If applying to multiple organizations for a GE grant, you will also be ranking up to five (5) organizations.
  • CWS Application Support: The internships team is available to answer your specific questions about the GE program and any organization placements being offered for the calendar year. We also can review your resume, as we would for any other submission. However – due to our involvement in the selection process for certain grants opportunities – we cannot read your essays prior to submission. We recommend that you ask a writing tutor, a faculty member, a peer, and/or family member for feedback on your essay prior to submission.


Other Grants

  • Other Required Documents, non-GE Grants: Select non-GE grant programs (such as the Emily Greene Balch or Paul B. Beal & Mona Phillips Beal grants) require additional documents, such as writing samples, budget proposals, recommendation letters, and/or proof of financial need. Please read all application instructions thoroughly to ensure you have completed all necessary documents.
  • ​Financial Aid Letter: If your grant requires proof of financial need, the following forms of documentation will be accepted: (a) an award letter from Student Financial Services confirming your current academic year's financial aid package; (b) other student loan documentation; (c) a PDF copy of your financial aid information from Banner; or (d) for those not receiving financial aid from the college, a letter with a budget describing your specific circumstances that warrant financial need.


Other Logistics

  • Time Commitment: Summer internships last from end of May/early June to early/mid-August. A full 10-week (or 350 hour) minimum commitment is required. These experiences are intended to be undertaken all at once, and students should not have other major commitments during their placements.
  • Competitiveness: The competitiveness of the GE Programs varies from year to year. Generally-speaking, certain sites may be more competitive than others. This will depend on the overall applicant pool and level of interest that cycle, as well as the overall job market and availability of outside opportunities.
  • Number of Intern Placements: Unless otherwise noted on the MyCWS job listing, each organization is offering only one (1) internship through the CWS Identified Summer Opportunities Programs. If not indicated in the MyCWS job listing, please contact us at if you would like to find out if interns from other colleges/universities will be working with the organization.
  • Award Amounts: Generally, students participating in a 10-week summer internship at a site administered by the CWS will receive $3,500 for domestic internships or $5,000 for international internships. Students receive a first installment in May, and a second installment of the remaining $500 is disbursed in October after completion of all requirements. For some grant programs, the amounts may be different. Please check with the CWS if you have specific questions about grants. Note: Payments made to non-resident aliens are subject to a 14% federal tax withholding.
  • Housing/Transportation: Students are responsible for identifying their own housing. The CWS provides housing for a few selected Global Engagement Internship and Advanced Projects and deducts $1,000 from the initial installment of the student's stipend amount to subsidize the cost. Please contact us if you are unsure whether housing is provided with an internship.
  • Use of Funds: CWS funding may not be used to pay for program fees associated with an internship or service program and/or any fees associated with an internship placement agency. Students are responsible for any travel-related fees such as passports, travel visas, and immunizations - this may come from their GE award or will be an out-of-pocket expense for the student.


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