Global Engagement Programs (FAQs)

Program FAQ's


  • Each student is eligible for up to two awards from two different CWS administered programs for 10-week summer internships.
  • Priority is given to students who have not received funding before.
  • Global Engagement Internships & Advanced Projects: Students from the US may not apply to sites in their home city/metro area and international students may not apply to sites in their home country.
  • If you receive funding from the CWS for a summer experience and then are offered funding from another Wellesley College source, you must inform the CWS immediately.
  • For Global Engagement Grants, funding may be used for opportunities at nonprofit organizations or government institutions/offices. If you have questions, please contact the CWS.
  • Please refer to the program table for specific questions about eligibility.

Award Amount

Generally, students participating in a 10-week summer internship at a site administered by the CWS will receive $3,500 for domestic internships or $5,000 for international internships. Students receive a first installment in May, and a second installment of the remaining $500 is disbursed in October after completion of all requirements.

For some grant programs, the amounts may be different. Please check with the CWS if you have specific questions about grants.

Note: Payments made to non-resident aliens are subject to a 14% federal tax withholding.


Students are responsible for procuring their own housing. The CWS provides housing for some Global Engagement Internship and Advanced Projects and deducts $1,000 from the initial installment of the student's stipend amount to subsidize the cost.

Other Items

CWS funding may not be used to pay for program fees associated with an internship or service program and/or any fees associated with an internship placement agency.  The CWS will not provide funding for unpaid internships at for-profit organizations.


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