Psychology Internship Opportunities

Psychology majors have a few options if they want
to participate in a psychology internship.
Wellesley College offers the opportunity to complete an internship during the academic year,
or during the summer.

Psychology Practicum Program (During the Academic Year)

Deadline for Fall 2016 is April 15, 2016

Wellesley College students have two options for participating:

  • The Psychology Practicum Program - see below.
  • Complete a summer internship through the CWS.

Psychology Practicum Program

Juniors and seniors can participate in the Psychology Practicum Program by registering for PSYC 299.

PSYC 299

  • one full credit
  • cannot be counted towards the psychology major
  • completion of internship required

Practicum Requirements

In order to receive course credit students must:

  • complete a learning contract with their supervisor within the first two weeks of their internship;
  • attend all supervision meetings (three to four per semester).

Supervisors must complete:

  • the learning contract with the intern in the first two weeks
  • a mid-semester evaluation
  • a final evaluation

To Apply: For Fall 2016 Psychology Practicum please submit your application by April 15, 2016

-All candidates must meet with Sally Theran, Ph.D.

-Please follow this link for the Psychology 299 Application:

-For a list of Psychology Sites follow this link:

The Center for Work and Service will assist students with reasonable transportation expenses to their practicum sites. Acceptable forms of transportation include: public transportation or Exchange/Senate bus, Zip Car, or personal vehichle.  Students must select the most economical method of transportation, e.g. public transportation or the Exchange/Senate bus.                    

Zipcars are available for participants use depending on availability.  Students should plan to submit their service transportaion request to the CWS as soon as their placements are finalized to arrange transportation as the vehicles fill up quickly. 

A current U.S. drivers license must be held by (the majority of) U.S. student interns selected for this program, especially for those students going to Riverside Community Care since public transportation is not available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
If I don’t know what area of psychology I am interested in investigating, how do I narrow my placement search?
Read about the different sites and see if any of the organizations stimulate your interests.  Consider your goals in psychology.  Do you plan to attend graduate school?  Maybe you should consider a clinical placement.  Sites for the fall include Riverside Community Care, the Walker Home and School, and two others to be named shortly. Observing their different services will increase your understanding of the field and all of its employment opportunities.

What if none of the sites on the list match my interests? The organizations listed have been selected by the PSYC299 faculty for the fall 2016 semester. If you have another site in mind, please discuss it with Professor Sally Theran for potential placement in the future.