Want to be a Site Leader?


Want to be an Alternative Breaks Site Leader?

The success of each Alternative Break (AB) trip depends heavily upon the quality of its student leaders.  In fact, strong Site Leaders ensure the success and effectiveness of the student-led program as a whole!  It is the responsibility of site leaders to coordinate all on-site activities, facilitate participant training and education, and ultimately guide the group through a week of intense and rewarding service.  Site Leaders will work with the Service Program director and the AB Student Coordinators.  No previous AB experience is required to become a Site Leader, although familiarity with community involvement and demonstrated leadership abilities are strongly preferred.  


General Qualifications:

  • Must be in good standing, academically and otherwise, with Wellesley College
  • Responsible, reliable, flexible, and able to work well with others
  • Good planning, communication, and organizational skills
  • Able to work independently, take initiative, and be strong team player
  • Interest in and willingness to support the Alternative Break philosophy
  • Must be able to fulfill the responsibilities listed below
  • Ability to lead and facilitate groups
  • Familiarity with developing community partnerships


Site Leader Responsibilities:

  • Attend one Site Leader Training weekend retreat
  • Schedule regular meetings with student AB Coordinators
  • Participate in Day to Make a Difference
  • Attend two additional Site Leader trainings
  • Organize at least two Pre-Break Trip meetings with participants
  • Co-lead a team of 8-10 participants on a week-long service trip
  • Create itinerary for week-long break
  • Manage community, housing, and transportation partnerships
  • Research and educate participants about the social justice issue(s) involved in your trip
  • Facilitate participant reflection during trips
  • Organize one post-Break meeting and/or re-orientation activity
  • Help organize a final program-wide celebration with the site leaders from all 4 Breaks
  • Coordinate(different verb) with the staff/faculty college representative



Site Leader Short Essay Questions 

MyCWS Schedule Number:  1109
Short essay responses of 100-200 words should respond to all of the following questions (note: NOT a letter format):

  1. 1. Why do you want to be a site leader in the Alternative Breaks program and what are you hoping to gain from the experience?
    2. What qualities characterize effective leadership? How does your leadership style reflect these qualities?
    3. Please list your top two social justice issue choices and why you want to lead a trip focusing on these issues.  Please suggest two service sites or community partners relating to one of those two social justice issues.
    4. Please describe a time you led a group or team of people.  What was challenging about it? What did you learn from the experience?
    5. What other commitments do you have next year?