Want to be a Alternative Breaks Student Coordinator?

Student Coordinators are vital to the success of Wellesley's Alternative Breaks (AB) program. Coordinators will be responsible for reaching out to community partners and securing service sites for all four Alternative Breaks, as well as coordinating housing and transportation for each Break.  Student Coordinators will play an integral role in creating and maintaining leadership structures for the Alternative Breaks program, in keeping with the Break Away philosophy.  Alternative Break Student Coordinators assist and develop the areas of marketing and recruitment, outreach, training implementation, and event planning. The Coordinators are crucial to the continued student-centered focus and growth of the program. This is a paid position at the Center for Work and Service, reporting to the Service Program Director. The time commitment is approximately 10 hours per week during the academic year. Previous AB experience is not required to become a Student Coordinator, although familiarity with community engagement and demonstrated leadership abilities are strongly preferred.


  • Community engagement experience required 
  • Alternative Breaks experience preferred 
  • Ability to multi-task and work independently 
  • Ability to set programmatic goals 
  • Ability to implement and execute a work plan to achieve set goals 
  • Strong attention to detail 
  • Previous experience with group facilitation and training 
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills 
  • Interest in student life, student activities, and program management 
  • Experience with Google Drive (or a willingness to learn) 
  • Interest in the public service/nonprofit sector 


Student Coordinator Responsibilities:

  • Attend regular meeting with Service Program Director and co-coordinator 
  • Initiate and maintain relationships with Community Partners 
  • Coordinate AB transportation and housing for all Alternative Breaks trips, as well as the site leader retreat 
  • Facilitate site leader orientation and trainings 
  • Advise AB Site Leaders 
  • Conduct AB info sessions and interviews for participants and site leaders 
  • Maintain the AB websites and social media outlets 
  • Design content and Alternative Break publicity 
  • Oversee Break Away membership and utilize resources available through membership 
  • Serve as a site leader at Day to Make a Difference 
  • May require some remote summer work 
  • Hold office hours during participant and future leadership applications 
  • Manage online application process for Site Leaders and Participants 



  • Paid position, $10 per hour
  • Opportunity to attend a Break Away Alternative Breaks Citizenship School over the summer
  • Option to participate in a Wellesley College Alternative Break



Student Coordinator Short Essay Questions

MyCWS Schedule Number:  1336
Short essay responses of 100-200 words should respond to all of the following questions (note: NOT a letter format):

1. Why do you want to be a Student Coordinator for the Alternative Breaks Program and what do you hope to gain from your experience? 
2. Do you have any experience with community engagement or service? If yes, please describe. (Be sure to mention any previous Alternative Break experience, if applicable.) 
3. What attributes do you believe characterize you as a quality team member? Provide concrete examples of when you have demonstrated these traits. 
4. Describe a time where you had to manage a complex process or program. What did you learn and what was challenging? 
5. What other commitments do you have next year?