The Center for Work and Service can provide transportation assistance for the express purpose of transporting current Wellesley students to
approved service sites.

Service transportation sponsored by the CWS can ONLY be used for a volunteer opportunity that meets the following criteria:

  • working with a nonprofit organization or
  • community partner organization and 
  • with a specific project addressing social and/or economic need

Service transportation CANNOT be used for:

  • more than 12 hours at a time
  • a service site more than 40 miles from campus
  • travel to employment, an internship or a job shadowing opportunity

Service vehicles are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and are allocated at the discretion of the CWS.  Transportation is NOT available over school breaks. Service transportation requests must be submitted a minimum of two weeks PRIOR to project date.

How to Request Service Transportation:

All service transportation requires pre-approval by the CWS.

  1. Determine the exact dates and times of your community service project.
  2. If more than one student will be volunteering, designate a transportation coordinator to submit a single request.
  3. The transportation coordinator is required to fill out the Service Transportation Request Form.
  4. Once the Service Transportation Request Form is submitted, the CWS will send an email approving or denying the request.


For Approved Service Transportation Requests ONLY:

All CWS Service Transportation Drivers must be 18 years or older and have a valid U.S. Driver's License.

  1. If you have received approval from the CWS for your Service Transportation Request, all drivers must fill out Driver Approval Form. Please make sure to read the Driver Contract and Dislaimer at the bottom of the form carefully.
  2. If you have received zipcar approval, please fill out ZIPCAR Application in addition to the form above.  [Note: If you already have a personal account, you will still need to submit the ZIPCAR Application to join the CWS account.]
  3. Online Training will be required for ALL driver's requesting the use of CWS transportation (ZipCar AND Van). The certificate is required to be on file BEFORE the driver will be able to reserve a vehicle.

Please read Driver Online Training Instructions. Please contact your group's Transportation Coordinator with any questions.