Christine Cruzvergara 
Associate Provost and Executive Director for Career Education

Pierre Osias
Assistant to the Associate Provost and Budget Administrator 

Exploration and Experiential Learning

Elizabeth Mandeville '04 
Director, Exploration and Experiential Learning  

Katie Koski 
Program Director, Community Engagement

MaryBeth Callery 
Fellowships Program Manager 

Rocío Tisdell '07
Program Director, Internships

Sarah Isham 
College to Career Mentor 

Career Connections and Communities 

Dana Keep
Alumnae Career Advisor 

Wendy Friend 
Alumnae Career Advisor 

Syma Mirza '00
Law, Government, and International Relations Advisor 

Operations and Analytics 

Jen Pollard 
Director, Operations and Analytics

Kristy Liu '08
Assessment and Technology Manager