Requirements for the Major

The Japanese program trains students to achieve fluency in the Japanese language and to think critically about Japanese literature and culture. Japanese majors follow a parallel track, taking language courses and literature/culture courses in translation that culminates in advanced work on literature in Japanese at the 300-level. To this end, students are strongly encouraged to begin their study of the language in the first-year. A junior year, a semester, or a summer of intensive language study in Japan is encouraged.

The major consists of a minimum of eight units and normally includes JPN 202, 231, 232, and five additional units. At least two must be nonlanguage units, and at least two must come from the 300 level (to be taken within the department). Students entering with advanced language preparation may substitute alternate language units as necessary with departmental permission. JPN 101-102 and 201 may be counted toward the degree, but not toward the major. Students who have completed 314 or the equivalent may request to do an independent study using the Japanese language (350). Those who wish to do an independent study that does not require the Japanese language should register for 250. An advisor should be chosen from within the department.


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