My research expresses my involvement in social movements and desire to promote positive social and economic transformation.   My first books -- An Economic History of Women in America and  (with Teresa Amott) Race, Gender & Work -- documented the extensive transformation of women's work  and speculated as to a positive way forward.    Another strand of my research has been Marxist-feminist economic theory and feminist economic policy.  In the early 2000s, I began to note and research the emergence of a possible economic way forward:  a diverse and multiplying set of economic practices and institutions based in the values of equity in all dimensions, sustainability, cooperation, diversity, and economic democracy which are being called “the solidarity economy.”  I edited the first book on the subject in the US,  along with Jenna Allard (2007) and Carl Davidson, and am currently working on a book, "Occupy the Economy: Living in the Solidarity Economy."