First-Year Advising

First-Year Advising

As you enter Wellesley this fall, you will meet many people dedicated to making your first year at Wellesley as successful as possible.

Some will be formal advisors, others will be providing critical academic support services. Here are the kinds of people you can expect to meet, and a couple of very important support services, and something about how to make good use of them.

Faculty Advisors

Each first-year student is paired with a member of the faculty, who will serve as their faculty advisor until the student chooses a major (and a major advisor) during the sophomore year. Your faculty advisor’s job is to help you think most broadly about how to take advantage of the opportunities Wellesley offers. You will find out who your faculty advisor is on MyWellesley in mid-August, and should plan to meet with her or him during orientation or during the first week of classes.

First-Year Mentors

Each first-year student is part of a first-year mentor group led by an upperclass student trained to assist students in making an effective transition to Wellesley College. Mentors are invaluable as guides to student life at Wellesley, because they are students themselves. Watch for information about your mentor, which we plan to post in MyWellesley in late July.  In August, you will be able to talk with your mentor and others in your group in a Google group set up for your mentor group, which will help you get ready for your arrival on campus.

Academic Peer Tutors

Each residence hall has one or more academic peer tutors, who are trained to work with students on study skills and help specifically with the academic aspects of the transition to Wellesley.

First Year Dean

Lori Tenser serves as the dean for first-year students, and she is charged with overseeing the academic and personal growth of all first-year students. She is available throughout the year to meet with first-year students, and welcomes your questions and conversation on your goals and hopes, your academic experiences, and your adjustment to Wellesley.

Pforzheimer Learning and Teaching Center

This is home to a variety of programs and services designed to help all Wellesley students achieve their full academic potential. Tutoring is the primary service provided by the PLTC, but also offered are a large collection of printed resources on effective learning, and individual consultation with the director on study skills and learning styles. Learn more about the PLTC

Office of Disability Services

Students needing accommodations for specific learning issues or other disabilities should complete the online Disability Services form (available on the Entering Student Checklist on MyWellesley), in order to give the staff time to prepare for their support as students arrive on campus. You can find out more about Disability Services