Registration for Fall Classes

Registration for Fall Classes

Registration for new students happens in two parts. (update for 2016)

First, you will be pre-registered for First-Year Writing Courses over the summer, based as much as possible on your preferences, and there will be more information about the steps you need to take over the summer to accomplish this task posted by June 1. 

Second, on Thursday, August 27, during our Orientation Week, new first-year students will register for their remaining courses online (new transfer students and Davis Scholars should contact the Class Deans office over the summer about registration). 

Over the summer and during Orientation, you will have many opportunities to learn about how to put together a good schedule of courses for your first year, how to pursue your existing interests and explore and develop new ones, and what to do in order to be properly prepared and placed in the courses you will be taking in the fall. If you review the information included in the Academics section online, you will be well-prepared for taking advantage of our advising programs during Orientation and for making great choices about the fall semester.

Registration during Orientation (and for the rest of your time at Wellesley) happens online, through our Banner Self-Service system. You will be using this system to do some of your work with us this summer, including entering your Emergency Contact Information, and seeing your tuition expenses. The system requires that you enter your Wellesley user name, and your password, which you will receive in an email in early May, and which you will also use to enter MyWellesley and see your Wellesley email. So you will be ready to use this system when the time comes. The details of the registration process are described on our Registrar’s web page, but there is no need for you to master those now!

For the summer, a good strategy is to start to become familiar with our academic programs in a very general way. Take some time to browse through the home pages of our academic departments and programs. Look through the course listings in the online Course Catalog and on our Course Browser.  Make a list of courses that sound interesting to you; that’s a good resource to have later in the summer when you will be thinking more specifically about your fall schedule.