Spring 2014 Seminars and Writing Courses

This October, the Class of 2017 will be able to pre-register for First-Year Seminars offered in the spring semester, and will also be able to make any necessary changes to their enrollment in First-Year Writing Courses offered in the spring.  This page will tell you:

What you need to do

When you need to do it

What you need to know (including courses and descriptions and forms)

What you need to do

  • All first-year students should consider whether they want to take a first-year seminar in the spring, by reviewing the course offerings and the schedule, considering their overall plans, and consulting with their faculty advisor.  If they do want to take a seminar, they should indicate up to three preferences through the on-line app.  Deadline: November 1.
  • First-year students without a firm spring writing course should let Prof. Velenchik know their preferences for a writing course.  Deadline: October 25. 
  • Other first-year students who want to change their spring writing course should let Prof. Velenchik know about that.  Deadline: November 7. 
  • All first-year students should register in Banner for courses other than seminars and writing courses on November 15. 

When you need to do these tasks (detailed timeline)

  • Oct. 16: All first-year students will receive an email with the link to this webpage with details about process for ranking seminars and requesting changes to writing courses; students who do not yet have a placement in a spring writing course will receive a separate email from the Director of the Writing Program about the steps they will take to rank writing courses.  
  • Oct. 21: Spring schedule for all courses, including their meeting times, is posted.
  • Oct. 25: Placements for students who did not already have a spring writing course will be finalized.  
  • Oct. 29-Nov. 1: preregistration app for spring seminars is live, and students can submit their preferences for these courses.
  • Nov. 2: Preregistration program will run and determine which students will be pre-registered for which seminars; preference will be given to students who did not take a fall seminar.
  • Nov. 5: Seminar placements to be shared with students. 
  • Nov. 5-8: All students can request changes to spring writing placements.
  • Nov. 8: All changes to spring writing courses are finalized.
  • Nov. 15: First-year registration in Banner for courses other than seminars and writing courses. 

What you need to do these tasks:


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