Spring 2015 Writing Courses

This October, in advance of registration for most spring courses, the Class of 2018 will be able to make any necessary changes to their enrollment in First-Year Writing Courses offered in the spring, using the form linked at the bottom of this page.  If you need to make a change to your writing course, this page will tell you:

What you need to do

When you need to do it

What you need to know (including courses and descriptions and forms)

What you need to do

  • First-year students who want to change their spring writing course should let Prof. Velenchik know about that.  Deadline: November 7. 
  • All first-year students should register in Banner for courses other than writing courses on November 14.  Students who want to change their seminar enrollment for the spring can do this at that time as well. 

When you need to do these tasks (detailed timeline)

  • Oct. 27: All first-year students will receive an email from Prof. Velenchik with the link to this webpage with details about process for requesting changes to writing courses.  
  • Oct. 27: Spring schedule for all courses, including current enrollments and their meeting times, is posted.
  • Oct. 27 through Nov. 7: All students can request changes to spring writing placements.
  • Nov. 10: All changes to spring writing courses are finalized and recorded in Banner.
  • Nov. 14: First-year registration in Banner for courses other than writing courses. Note that students are pre-registered for spring writing courses, so there is no need to add your writing course as part of registration.  Students are pre-registered for spring seminars as well.  During registration, students may drop a seminar or add any seminar with open seats, as part of the usual registration proess.  

What you need to do these tasks: