Academic Support

Academic Support

Wellesley offers its students a full array of academic support.

The Pforzheimer Learning and Teaching Center (PLTC)

The PLTC is the focus point for our tutoring and academic support programs, and all students are encouraged to make use of this resource.  The Academic Peer Tutor in each residence hall is an excellent first contact for the PLTC. 

Supplemental Instruction

As you consider your first semester courses, we want you to be aware of one particular academic support program, Supplemental Instruction.  Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a very successful academic support program offered for selected Wellesley courses. It begins the first week of class and runs weekly with two study sessions offered each week throughout the semester. SI is open to all students enrolled in the course. You don’t need to sign-up in advance and you can attend SI whenever you need extra help. The SI sessions are led by trained, experienced Wellesley students who have successfully completed the same course, often with the same professor. Your SI leader attends all of the course lectures so she has first-hand knowledge of the concepts that you and your classmates find most challenging. She works closely with your professor to develop activities that further explain the course content with a focus on how to study as well as what to study. We encourage you to take advantage of SI; you’ll be glad you did!

Here are the SI offerings for Fall 2014 (Fall 2015 offerings will be posted soon):

CRN Course Name Section  Professor 
11003 Fundamentals Chemistry w/Lab Chem 105-01 Carla Verschoor
11004 Fundamentals Chemistry w/Lab Chem 105-02 Didem Varder-Ulu
11005 Fundamentals Chemistry w/Lab Chem 105-03 Dora Carrico Moniz
11126 Chemical Analysis and Equilibrium   Chem 205-01 Don Elmore
11258 Chemical Analysis and Equilibrium   Chem 205-02 Megan Nunez
11316 Organic Chemistry I Chem 211-03 Michael Hearn
10006 Intro to Computer Science CS 111-01 Brian Tjaden
12877 Data Structures w/ lab CS 230-02 Ben Woods
10165 Calculus I (primary section) Math 115-01 Steven Simon
10177 Calculus I (secondary section) Math 115-03 Steven Simon 
10127 Calculus I (secondary section) Math 115-04 Steven Simon
10163 Calculus II Math 116-01 Marty Magid
11002 Mathematics for the Sciences  Math 215-01 Jonathan Tannenhauser
12294 Mathematics for the Sciences Math 215-02 Jonathan Tannenhauser
11324 Intro to Neuroscience w/Practicum  Neur 100-01 Debra Bauer
12776 Intro to Neuroscience w/Practicum  Neur 100-02 Bevil Conway
11351 Neurons, Networks and Behavior  Neur 200-01 Mike Wiest
10069 Principles & Applied Mechanics Phys 107-02 Glenn Stark