Wellesley will bring you rich opportunities outside the residential community.

During the first week of classes, the Office of Student Involvement and College Government sponsor the Student Organization Fair, in which student organizations gather in spot to give new members a chance to ask questions, sign up for mailing lists, and much more!  The week after will follow a similar gathering of organizations geared to offer service opportunities, sponsored by our Center for Work and Service

Committed to students and student learning, the Office of Student Involvement strives to help students develop mutual respect, a shared commitment to the community, creativity, and ethical leadership by supporting opportunities for involvement and leadership development.  The Office of Student Involvement is located in Billings Hall. 

The Office of Student Involvement also works collaboratively with student organizations and departments across campus to provide events for the campus community including trips to see professional sports and theater in Boston, concerts on campus, traditions such as Lake Day and Hoop Rolling, as well as leadership development opportunities. The Office of Student Involvement works closely with members of college government, including the director of on-campus affairs, and the Schneider board of governors, to coordinate events throughout the year.