Tuition Management System

The Monthly Payment Plan Option from TMS allows you to distribute your payments over the year.

If you plan to use your savings and/or current income to cover all or part of your educational expenses, the Interest-Free Monthly Payment Option offered through Tuition Management Systems helps by providing more manageable cash flow and greater budget flexibility.

Tuition Management Systems

Instead of lump-sum payments, the TMS Plan allows you to pay all or part of your education expenses in manageable monthly installments. You may use the TMS plan to pay your balance after financial aid or in combination with other loans. The payment plan is available for a small enrollment fee and includes personal account service, automated account information 24 hours a day, access to your account through the TMS website

Many families use the TMS monthly payment plan option while others choose to pay by the semester. In order to maximize resources, payment plans may be combined with loan options. TMS offers a service that can help you keep payments affordable while keeping debt to a minimum. For additional details, please visit the  Wellesley College Student Financial Services website or the TMS website