!hope - Works by Augusta Read Thomas

Wellesley College Chamber Singers and Parker Quartet perform

Friday, October 20, 2017 - 3:00pm
Pendleton West 101 Music Salon

!hope faith! !life love! dream! !joy truth! !soul

Grammy-winning composer Augusta Read Thomas, whom The New Yorker called "a true virtuoso composer,” writes music that is nuanced, majestic, elegant, capricious, lyrical, and colorful. Wellesley College has commissioned Augusta Read Thomas to compose a piece for the Wellesley College Chamber Singers. Directed by Lisa Graham, the Chamber Singers will perform the world premiere of the newly composed piece, created in honor of Cynthia Sargent (’61). She is an ardent supporter, fan, and friend of Augusta Read Thomas, and the alumna for whom the new Pendleton West Concert Salon was named.

The six 20-30 minute concerts presented during the Celebration will also feature the Parker Quartet performing Helix Spirals for string quartet, and other works by Thomas. Helix Spirals was commissioned by Jeanne Guillemin in celebration of the Meselson-Stahl DNA replication discovery (1958), and was premiered by the Parker Quartet at Harvard University on April 10, 2015.

The Grammy Award–winning Parker Quartet is renowned for its dynamic interpretations and polished, expansive colors. The Parker Quartet features Daniel Chong, violin; Ying Xue, violin; Jessica Bodner, viola; and Kee-Hyun Kim, cello.