Pakistani music concert

Saturday, October 4, 2014 - 8:00pm
Location: Jewett Art Center Auditorium

With its propulsive, furious sound,Khumariyaan("The Intoxicators") has reawakened the live music scene in Peshawar, Pakistan, the ancient crossroads through the Khyber Pass whose contemporary culture is under attack from within and by outside factions. The lute-like Pashtoonrubab, is the meeting point for this instrumental hyper-folk jam quartet. It intertwines with the djembe-likezerbaghali(clay or wooden goblet drum) and Pushtoon sitar (long-necked lute). Underpinning these instruments with driving acoustic guitars, Khumariyaan's rolling pulse and richly layered sound builds to frenzied intensity. It's an addictive and accessible pleasure that's ushering in a new era for an eclipsed music. "With Khumariyaan's dynamic spirit, the band is in fine form when straddling that line between genres and cultures, shifting from Eastern to Western and playing around with crescendos and stop-start staccatos." TheFridayTimes, Pakistan