Brandeis-Wellesley Orchestra Concert

Celebrating the Human Spirit: Neal Hampton, Conductor

Saturday, November 22, 2014 - 8:00pm
Location: Houghton Chapel Upper Chapel

The Brandeis-Wellesley Orchestra is composed of students, faculty, staff, and associates of Wellesley College and Brandeis University. This concert will feature a performance of The Shostakovich 5th Symphony.

Risking imprisonment and possible death under Stalin for composing his opera, Lady Macbeth, Shostakovich responded with the monumental Fifth Symphony. Of it, he later wrote, "The theme of my symphony is the making of a man. I saw man with all his experiences at the center of the composition?in the finale the tragically tense impulses of the earlier movements are resolved in optimism and the joy of living". Though acceptable to the authorities, the joy may have rung hollow to the audiences living under Soviet rule, who also appreciated the depiction of forced rejoicing, human suffering, and the grotesquery and satire of the scherzo.