Current Projects

Capital Projects

  • Pendleton West Arts Renovation
  • Stone and Simpson Upgrades


Current Maintenance Projects


*****Updating in Process******

Residential | Academic/Administrative | Auxiliary | Infrastructure and Landscape

Student Residential Experience Enhancements Programmatic upgrades to several Residence Halls
Campus Center Book Store Renovation - In process
Chapel Stained Glass Windows - Planning
Field House Renovation - In construction
Founders/Green Hall Improvements, Renovation - In process
Greenhouse Global Flora - In design
Grounds/Motor Pool Break Room Renovation - In design
Keohane Sports Center Dance Studios, New Floors and Lighting - In planning
Library Front Door Replacement - In process
Munger Hall Renovation and New Dining Hall - In design
Pendleton West Arts Renovation - In design
Science Center Bathroom Renovations, 1st Floor;Roof Replacement  - Almost complete
Science Center Upgrades & Additions - In design
Slater House ADA Upgrades - In process
Stone-Simpson Upgrades & Interim measures - In process
Power Plant Cogeneration Engine Overhauls; Chimney Stack repair - In process
Infrastructure and Landscape
M3 Quad Dorms Chilled water and steam upgrades (in construction)


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