Departmental Directory

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Facilities Management Administration

Cindy Cox Administrative Assistant 781.283.3496
Lisa Dissanayake Administrative Assistant 781.283.2751
Jill Donahue Business Manager of Operations 781.283.2770
Suzanne Howard Director of Environmental Health and Safety 781.283.3882

Justin Finne

EHS Officer 781.283.2762

David Tiberi

Fire Safety Officer 781.283.3885
Jack McCarthy Service Manager 781.283.2764
Katie McLean Administrative Assistant 781.283.2753
Laura Waeger Communications Coordinator 781.283.2767
Patrick Willoughby Sustainability Director 781.283.2755
Pete Zuraw Assistant Vice President of Facilities Management & Planning 781.283.2474

Facilities Management Operations

Edward J. Byrne Technical Coordination Manager 781.283.2771
VACANT Manager of Utilities/Chief Engineer 781.283.2374  
Timothy C. Hoey Custodial Services Manager 781.283.2765
Trina Learned Director of Operations 781.283.2683
Michelle Maheu Project Manager 781.283.2787
John R. Olmsted Manager of Landscape and Motor Pool Operations 781.283.3488

Capital Program Management

Jon Alvarez Capital Program Director 781.283.2786
T.J. Fanning Project Manager 781.283.2788
Paul McAndrew Project Manager 781.283.3622
Gerard Buggy Project Manager 781.283.2795

The employees in our service team can be reached through Customer Service.  These dedicated employees are members of IMSEUA
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Facilities Management

Laura Waeger
Communications Coordinator


Jack McCarthy
Service Manager