Margaret D. Thompson Award

Margaret D. Thompson Award for Scholarship in the Geosciences

The Margaret D. Thompson Award for Scholarship in the Geosciences honors the tradition of Professor Meg Thompson, Professor of Geology, Wellesley College, 1976-2007.  Meg Thompson epitomizes the scholarly tradition of science, a patient, curious, incisive approach to the study of Boston geology, from the hilltops to the tunnels beneath.  Utilizing both field study and the most advanced laboratory techniques, she and her collaborators have nailed down the origins and ages of rocks that puzzled geologists for more than two hundred years.  Elected Fellow of the Geological Society of America and Associate Editor of the GSA Bulletin, she also lent her expertise to the Massachusetts Audubon Society and the Town of Wellesley Wetlands Protection Committee.  Also winner of the Pinanski Prize for Teaching, Meg inspired generations of Wellesley College students into the study of geology.  This award honors a Senior who shows outstanding scholarship in the Geosciences.

2011 Laura Stevens

2013  Marjorie Cantine

2014   Sarah George, Caroline Templeton

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