Prof. Hans has completed a full draft of her book project, tentatively titled The Beast on the Screen: Gender, Trauma, and Uncanny Films in Weimar Germany, and am currently waiting to hear from an interested press.  Her next project, which still focuses on early German film, but shifts to an examination of the construction of ethnic and cultural ‘others,’ particularly in the genre known at the time as the ‘Zigeunerdrama,’ the ‘gypsy drama.’ These films offer a fascinating insight into the simultaneous fascination with and fear of the other, and the way in which German identity in many ways defined itself against such constructs.

Prof. Hansen has been working steadily on the revision of the first-year German-language text-book, Neue Horizonte, which will appear in 2013 in its 8th edition with a com­pletely new design.

Prof. Kruse is researching a book to be entitled Kafka’s 1914. He continues working on annotated editions of Kafka’s stories specially designed for electronic book readers.  Editions of The MetamorphosisIn the Penal Colony, and "A Country Doctor"  have been published by eNotated Classics ( and are available on Amazon, B&N, and iBooks.  An edition of  “A Hunger Artist” will be published later this year.  Professor Kruse also blogs about Kafka on