Student Organizations

Harambee House serves as the umbrella department for the four organizations whose purposes are around students of African descent.

Harambee provides resources, assistance, and space for these organizations and their members. Below is more information on these organizations.


The purpose of Ethos is to serve as a support group for women of African descent. The organization provides a common and effective voice on matters that concern students of African descent on and off campus, establish and maintain a meaningful relationship with the black community, study our own history and traditions, promote cultural and political awareness, fight racism and sexism and prepare ourselves, as people of African descent, to approach the challenges of a crucial era.


Wellesley African Students Association (WASA) seeks to increase interest in and an awarness of issues pretaining to Africa and Africans of the Diaspora. Our aim will be achieved through activities such as monthly discussions, lectures, cultural celebrations, community service projects, journals, film festivals, concerts, and participation in conferences.


The purpose of Women for Caribbean Development is to establish a meeting place and serve as a support group for women of Caribbean descent by enhancing our cultural, social and academic experience on Wellesley's campus and to promote cultural awareness.


Black Women's Ministry is an organization of students that share a common background and desire to continue learning and sharing Biblical teachings and principles. It is a mechanism meant to spiritually mature women in the teachings of Jesus Christ, whom we acknowledge to be the only true and living God. This is achieved by our ideals and beliefs to support each other, and spread these teachings to our community.