Health Service

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Closed until 8/30/2017.

Clinically closed until First Year Orientation. 

Orientation Hours:

 Wednesday 8/30/2017  8:30am-12:00pm and 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Students may walk in to receive immunizations or testing to complete their health requirement. Fees will apply if college insurance was waived. Students will be cleared to obtain their OneCard only after the health requirement has been met.

If you have an urgent health issue, please call to determine clinician availability.

We''ll resume normal Academic Year hours on the first day of classes, Tuesday, 9/5/17.


Wellesley College Health Service is an outpatient clinic located next to the Science Center in the Simpson Building. During Clinic hours, physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses provide primary medical and gynecologic care to enrolled students, regardless of  insurance.  There is a small on-site laboratory where a variety of lab tests may be performed.  When indicated, consultations with specialist are available both locally and in Boston. Emphasis on education and preventive measures to increase wellness and promote healthful lifestyles is an integral part of our philosophy.