The following student groups/ organizations are supported by the Health Service and Stone Center Counseling Service.  


Active Minds

A student organization for mental health awareness and advocacy. They work to educate students about mental health, mental illness, and available resources, as well as strive to create a safe environment for the discussion of mental health, and advocate for the rights and needs of students with mental health issues.

Contact:  Aggie Rieger 

Mental Health Educators (MHEs)

The Mental Health Educators are a subgroup of Active Minds at Wellesley. MHEs are specially selected students in every residence hall who can direct students to services on and off campus.  

Contact:  Aggie Rieger 

Balance Health Educators (BHEs)

The Balance Health Educators is a student organization whose goal is to promote health and wellness at Wellesley College. The BHEs emphasize the importance of living a balanced lifestyle through programming focusing mainly on sleep, nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and alcohol education.

Contact: Jelena Begovic, Maggie Mittleman

Sexual Assault Awareness for Everyone (SAAFE)

Sexual Assault Awareness for Everyone is a student organization that provides peer education and support to the Wellesley community through crisis intervention and the prevention of violence and sexual assault.

Contact: Emily Boyk, Hannah Lipstein

Sexual Health Educators (SHEs)

The Sexual Health Educators is a student organization that provides sexual health education, on and off-campus resources, as well as support for Wellesley students through events such as SHEopardy in the residence halls, Sex Carnival, campus lectures, and Sex Positivity Week.

Contact: Hannah Bledsoe 

Find them on: 
Twitter: @WellesleySHEs
Facebook: Wellesley College Sexual Health Educators 
Instagram: WellesleySHEs


Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)

The members of the Student Health Advisory Committee work closely with Health Services as a liaison to the student body to raise awareness about the Health Center. They are available to answer questions, and to listen to any suggestions for improvement regarding the Health Center.

Contact:  Dr. Vanessa Britto