Welcome Letter from our Medical Director

Fall Admission due date July 1; Spring Admission due date is January 13. Please read all of the instructions below before proceeding, as there are multiple steps to fulfilling the health requirement.

*Information received after July 1 may be subject to delay in review*

All NEW STUDENTS must complete the following: Step 1 | Step 2 | Step 3 | Step 4

Submission Step 1

Print, complete, sign and upload (instructions here, and below) the following forms:

Bring these to your primary care clinician to be reviewed, completed and signed:

  • All students are required to have had a physical examination including lab work within one year of July 1, for Fall admission, January 13 for Spring admission.

  • Your clinician must complete and sign the Physical Examination Form.

  • Your clinician must complete and sign the Immunization Form or provide a complete and legible copy of immunizations.  

  • Your clinician must complete and sign the Tuberculosis Screening Form. 

  • Students with active or chronic health or mental health issues are encouraged to upload medical records from primary care clinicians or specialists for continuity of care


  • Your physical examination is required within 6 months of enrollment.

  • A copy of sickle cell screen or newborn sickle cell test is required for all NCAA athletes.

  • Please see PERA's Sickle Cell Screening letter and statement about health insurance.

  • Sickle Cell Testing Waiver must be signed, dated, and uploaded to waive the test.


Submission Step 2

After ensuring forms are complete, please UPLOAD each form to the appropriate location:


  • Wellesley College Physical Exam & TB Screening form

  • Immunization Record (completed by your primary care provider) or records from your provider

  • Permission for Treatment/ Authorization of Payment/ Consent for Treatment

  • Sickle Cell Screening Report  OR  Waiver (for NCAA athletes only)

  • A Copy of Health Insurance Card (front and back) IF you are waiving the Wellesley College sponsored plan.

  • Required laboratory reports- urinalysis & hemoglobin

May apply:

  • Sickle Cell Screening Report  OR  Waiver

  • Meningitis vaccine waiver

  • Lab proof of immunity/titres

  • Students with active or chronic health or mental health issues are encouraged to upload medical records from primary care clinicians or specialists for continuity of care. Upload these to "Clinical Records- PCP or Specialist"

Instructions for Uploading Documents within MyWellness (Online Student Health):

Step 1: Scan and save your documents individually to your local computer. This is completed outside of Online Student Health using your scanner software. If you are uploading multiple documents, you will need to scan and save each document as a separate file on your local machine. For example, if you are uploading a copy of your insurance card and your immunization record, you need to scan and save each one as a separate file. Be sure your filenames do not include any special characters and the file size does not exceed 4MB. 

Log into MyWellness Online Student Health to complete steps 2 through 6.

Step 2: Using the ‘Upload Files’ section below, choose the document you are uploading in the ‘Choose document’ drop down menu.

Step 3: Select browse, and locate the file on your local machine.

Step 4: Select Attach. The document will be listed in the grid below as a confirmation that the document was added to the queue. If you made a mistake you may delete the file from this grid.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 2 though 4 for each document you are uploading.

Step #6: Select Upload. All the documents you have chosen to Attach will appear in the grid below the Upload Files section as a confirmation they were successfully uploaded. 


Submission Step 3 

Immunization Entry - Failure to complete this step will cause a significant delay in your review process.

Enter your immunizations in MyWellness:

Log in to OSH, select Immunization> New

  1. Click on text box below the immunization. A calendar with years will appear.

  2. Click on the month/year to select the month vaccine was given, then use the arrows to search for the year the vaccine was given then click on apply.

  3. Select the date the vaccine was administered.

You will notice some immunizations are required, others recommended or optional. Because you will submit the copy provided by your clinician, the Wellesley College Health Service staff will review all of your information and ensure it is accurate.

Repeat steps 1-3 for each vaccine you have received.

Enter each immunization only one time.

You may view what you have entered in Immunization>View History 

Any errors made will be corrected by our clinical review team- worry not!


Submission Step 4 - FINAL STEP!

Turn your pop up blocker off (instructions) to allow for important follow up questions to pop up as you​ Complete the Incoming Student Online Health History Form. Answer questions slowly to ensure you answer all questions completely.

The information you enter on this Health History Form will give Wellesley College Health Service and the Stone Center Counseling Service information about your health. This information will be uploaded into your medical record that will be used for office visits, enabling us to provide the best care possible for you during your time at Wellesley College. All of the information entered on MyWellness is strictly confidential and cannot be released or shared without your authorization. 

Health Service staff will receive notification once this form is submitted.

You will see a red "X" on your MyWellesley Checklist until EVERY COMPONENT of the required health information has been submitted and reviewed by our clinical staff. You will receive a secure message with the status of your health information as it is reviewed by our clinical staff.  If your health information is NOT complete, the secure message will explain what is missing (i.e. immunizations, lab work, etc.). Please read the message carefully before calling with questions.

Helpful suggestions:

  • Retain a copy of all documents you submit.

  • Do not email documents for confidentiality reasons.

  • To expedite the review process, please upload information that is complete.

Please direct general questions to: or call 781.283.2810 during summer business hours. Email inquiries are for general questions only, as a response may take 5-7 days.

MyWellness Online Student Health