What is MyWellness?

MyWellness allows you to complete your health history form online.The information you submit will move into your medical record where it will be reviewed by a nurse. Your health history is a way for our staff to get to know you to help ensure we provide you with the highest quality healthcare during your time at Wellesley College. Your health history form is reviewed by a clinician every time you are seen in the Health Service.

MyWellness will also provide a secure way for you to view and print your immunizations.

What are secure messages?

MyWellness provides Wellesley College Health Service nurses and clinicians with a secure and confidential way to communicate with you regarding the receipt and review of your health information. A nurse will notify you regarding whether your information is complete, and give you details regarding any missing information via secure message. 

How do I access secure messages?

You will receive an email indicating that you have a new MyWellness secure message. When you receive this email notification, log into MyWellness using your Wellesley domain and password. Using secure message is similar to email. All secure messages that are sent and replied to become a permanent part of your medical record.

You will continue to use MyWellness once you are an active student. You will be able to receive secure messages from WCHS clinicians regarding test results or recommended follow up from office visits. Because secure messages are not continually monitored, never send urgent medical concerns via secure message. 

As with any other personal identifying information on the internet, always log out of MyWellness and close your internet browser when you are done using MyWellness to ensure your medical information remains confidential.

How is the entering student checklist updated with my health information?

Your MyWellesley Entering Student Checklist will reflect the status of your health information, indicating a red X when information is not complete and a green check when your health requirement has been completed. Information from Health Service is uploaded to the checklist daily.

How long will it take for my information to be reviewed?

Be assured our two part time nurses review information efficiently and in the order it has been received. Information submitted after the July 1 deadline will be subject to delay in review. Secure messages will keep you informed through the review process.