Mission & Services


The Health Service supports the educational mission of Wellesley College by engaging our students in connecting optimal wellbeing to personal and academic growth. We strive to make good health and integrity our students' passion by providing non-judgmental, high quality medical care and health promotion opportunities that are respectful of culture and background. Our goal is for our students to be empowered by and knowledgeable in making healthy life choices, preventing disease and injury, managing chronic illness or disability, and developing effective self-advocacy as they invest in a lifelong pursuit of wellness.

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The Health Service is an outpatient clinic located next to the Science Center in the Simpson Building.  During Clinic hours, physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses provide primary medical and gynecologic care to enrolled students, regardless of  insurance.  There is a small on-site laboratory where a variety of lab tests may be performed.  When indicated, consultations with specialist are available both locally and in Boston. Emphasis on education and preventive measures to increase wellness and promote healthful lifestyles is an integral part of our philosophy.